About Canadian TV channel in Russian (RTVC) The Canadian company “Stockland” initiated the establishment of a Canadian TV channel in Russian – RTVC. The best TV production industry experts, who speak Russian, were chosen from Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada. Accordingly, the programs of RTVC are of a high quality, based on the deep knowledge of Canadian political, economic and social life, as well as cultural and historical heritage of Canada. Most of RTVC programs are in Russian and oriented towards Canadian residents with Eastern Europe roots. Besides this, some programs are made in French and English or they have English and French subtitles and so our RTVC programs are also geared to English-speaking and French-speaking viewers. Thematically, the channel RTVC can be called a family channel, as its content is targeted at all ages and social categories and meets the demands of Canadians who speak Russian, and understand it. This channel is needed and useful not only for a huge Russian-speaking community, but also to the all residents of Canada. RTVC can proudly say that watching us will give you a new look at Canada’s life!